Ebelskiver Pans

What is an Ebelskiver you say?  Just about the tastiest stuffed pancake you will ever have, and you will need a special Ebelskiver Pan to make them in.  Ebelskiver (or Aebleskiver) is Danish for sliced apples, and traditionally they are pancakes in the shape of a sphere, solid like a pancake and fluffy as a turnover. Served with powder sugar and fresh berry jam, the Ebelskiver will be as popular with your family as it is with mine.  First thing to making Ebelskivers is the purchase of an Ebelskiver Pan

The best Ebelskiver pan is the Lodge Pro-Logic Cast-Iron Aebleskiver Pan.  It has 7 slots to make the pancakes in, is pre-seasoned for non-stick cooking, and a long handle for safety.  Cast iron heats slowly and cooks evenly for the best results.  This Lodge Pro-Logic Cast-Iron Aebleskiver Pan comes with a life-time warranty. 

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Try the Nordic Ware Danish Ebleskiver Panwhich also has 7 slots.  It is made of cast aluminum which is sturdy but lightweight at only 2 pounds.  It can be used on electric or gas stoves, and has a handle that is designed to stay cool to the touch when cooking.  This non-stick Ebelskiver pan is made in America.

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Another non-stick cast aluminum pan to consider is the Norpro Aebelskiver Pan.  It also heats evenly and is lightweight for those considered about the heavy cast-iron pans on their stoves.  This pan comes with deep 2 ¾” slots which makes the nicest pancake spheres.

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Norpro also makes a Deluxe Munk Aebleskiver Panin cast iron for those who want the traditional cooking experience.  This pan comes with a wooden handle for safety, but it must be seasoned with heat and oil prior to use.

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The Sante Cabin Kitchen Aebleskiver Panis made of cast iron which is seasoned right out of the box.  Ready to use, this ebelskiver pan makes 7 pancakes at one time.  Sante is a brand also called Cookware for Life.

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Another Ebelskiver Pan made in Minnesota, USA is Aunt Else’s 9-hole Cast Iron Aebleskiver Pan.  It is square in shape with a flat bottom which allows you to use it on all types of stove tops including ceramic tops.  This pan also must be seasoned, but once treated it cleans easily by hand washing.  This pan is used most often when making the Japanese Takoyaki Pancakes that are filled with pieces of fish and made using an electric hot plate right on the serving table.

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